Product description

The highest standard of accuracy of electricity consumption monitoring available with advanced data analysis tools. MEW-01 is a device designed for mounting on a DIN rail (TH35), it occupies the width of two modules and offers the possibility of attaching an external antenna to be used also outside the switchgear. MEW-01 is a 3-phase and bidirectional monitor. It is therefore suitable for monitoring both imported and fed energy. Wi-Fi connectivity means that it is not necessary to run new cables, and the collected measurement data is analyzed in the Supla mobile application*. MEW-01 is a device designed for indoor installation, and after placing in an additional hermetic casing and protected against water penetration also outside. * there is also the possibility of multidimensional data analysis from multiple monitors with the use of additional software

Product features

The set includes three 100 A current transformers.
Wi-Fi - all Supla products communicate via a wireless network. As a result, you do not have to invest in expensive building automation controllers. Through Wi-Fi, you can connect to your devices from anywhere on the globe. You do not have to worry about leading extra communication cables to the devices.
Measurement of electricity consumption and 3-phase current, voltage, and power.
Measurement of one-phase energy consumption.
Sending and accessing measurement data in the cloud. Download electricity consumption reports to an Excel file. Additionally, they are made available by the REST API, where they can be used in external applications.
Transmission and access to measurement data in the cloud. Exporting electricity consumption reports to an Excel file. In addition, they are available in REST API, where you can use them in third-party apps.

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