Product description

The highest standard, accuracy and functionality of our MEW-01 electricity monitor, also available with an internal antenna. MEW-01 LITE has been designed for mounting on a DIN rail (TH35), the device takes up two modules, and thanks to the use of an internal antenna, it will be especially useful in small switchboards with plastic doors.

Product features

3 current transformers 100 A included
Wi-Fi - all SUPLA products communicate via a wireless network, so you do not need to use a building automation controller. Via Wi-Fi you can connect to devices from anywhere in the world. You don't have to worry about running additional communication cables to the devices.
Measurement of consumption and generation of electricity as well as current, voltage, power on 3 phases.
Possibility to measure electricity consumption on 1 phase.
Sending and accessing measurement data in the cloud. Downloading electricity consumption reports to an Excel file, as well as sharing via REST API for use in external applications.
Possibility of integration via MQTT
Multidimensional analysis of electricity consumption data and measured network parameters. Diverse statements and charts available in the Supla application.
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