Product description

ROW-01/16A is part of a family of products designed for controlling smart homes via Wi-Fi. The device uses the SUPLA cloud technology. The ROW-01/16A module allows you to control your lights as well as turn on/off sockets and electrical appliances up to 3,600 W using your smartphone or tablet. ROW-01/16A flush-mounted modules can be installed in flush- and surface-mounted junction boxes and as actuators installed directly in lighting fixtures.

Product features

Simple installation. Building automation systems on the market are usually very complex, closed, and expensive. They often require installation already at the building construction phase. SUPLA devices are easy to install and configure and do not need additional wiring.
Control of electrical appliances up to 3,600 W
Everything at hand. Everyone sometimes wonders if they turned off the lights, oven, or kettle before going out. You do not have to worry about it anymore. All you need is to install SUPLA devices and you can check straightaway if all appliances that had to be turned off are, indeed, turned off.
SUPLA community. SUPLA products have their own well-established community. You can share your ideas and opinions with other system users as well as look for support and inspiration on the community forum. Join thousands of satisfied users!

Product data

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Why choose SUPLA products?

Mega community
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Controlling from everyone
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