Product description

The ROW-07 controller allows you to control lighting and other electrical devices. Thanks to the built-in wi-fi module, it is possible to remotely manage the activation / deactivation of devices. ROW-07 informs about their status, so we have information whether the devices are turned on or off. The user can control the devices from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the cloud application, it is also possible to automatically start or disable devices according to the schedule saved in the cloud.

Product features

2.4GHz WiFi radio communication
Control of the seven channels can be done from a smartphone and automatically using a schedule
Possibility to control 7 channels independently
Ideally suited for electrical installation, allowing you to add control functionality from a smartphone

Product data

Zobacz film

Flush-mounted receivers

Other receivers

Modular receivers

Surface-mounted receivers

Media monitors

Sensors and accessories


Why choose SUPLA products?

Mega community
Developing project

Controlling from everyone
Places on earth

Wide range

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