Product description

RNW-01 – SUPLA 4 inputs interface It is designed to perform functions such as remote switching on / off of lighting and devices, closing / opening window blinds and garage doors. It is designed for installation in flush-mounted boxes (minimum Ø 60 mm) under the existing equipment. This allows the use of electrical installation equipment of any manufacturer and does not limit the design and character of the interior. The transmitter has four 230 V AC inputs. Triggering is accomplished by shorting the appropriate input to the phase potential.

Application examples:
– The ability to switch the lighting on and off in the whole house with one button
– Central control of all roller shutters from one place
– Gate opening with a button

Product features

Wirelessly controls all Supla Wi-Fi receivers
Wirelessly controls groups of Supla devices
The ability to trigger actions by the so-called multi-clicks and longer pressing of the keys

Product data

Zobacz film

Flush-mounted receivers

Other receivers

Modular receivers

Surface-mounted receivers

Media monitors

Sensors and accessories


Why choose SUPLA products?

Mega community
Developing project

Controlling from everyone
Places on earth

Wide range

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