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No, Supla devices support the frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz.

Press and hold the CONFIG button for 5 seconds so that the STATUS LED starts to flash quickly. Let go of the CONFIG button and press and hold it again until the LED starts to flash quickly again.

Press and hold the CONFIG button for 5 seconds so that the STATUS LED starts to flash quickly.

Yes, connect only one transformer, making sure that the current input number corresponds to the voltage.

If the LED flashes slowly, it means that the device is unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Check if the Wi-Fi network data are correct at available after connecting to the network generated by the device in the setup mode (press and hold the CONFIG button for 5 seconds). Information on the last state is given in the LAST STATE row.

The external antenna is available in the ZAMEL offer and supports only modular devices with an external antenna connector.

You can use a standard Wi-Fi repeater available in stores.

You can always install Supla on a local server: instructions on how to do install it is available at

Check that the voltage sequence corresponds to the sequence of the connected transformers.

When using a PV system, it refers to the surplus production of energy. If you do not use a PV system, it means that the transformer has been installed the other way around.

It means that the server address is incorrect.


The device is within the range of a Wi-Fi Mesh network by Tenda.

Default settings allow you to enter the setup mode of the device. For SLW-01 and SLW-02, press and hold the local control button for 10 seconds. For other devices, press the local control button 10 times.

The counter with the module installed set the reed relay trigger where the reed relay is activated. This does not cause impulses to be counted.

Any manipulations with the technical parameters of transformers by the user or installer may give false readings.

To ensure the proper measurement of electricity consumption, only one phase conductor should be connected to the measuring transformer.

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