Product description

The mSRW-01 roller shutter controller is a new generation of devices designed for quick installation and convenient management of roller shutters. The mSRW-01 is characterized by a compact housing, thanks to which installation in boxes or housings of the controlled devices is easier, and thanks to the new auto-calibration module, it is also much faster. Another facility that makes the installation of the mSRW-01 even easier is the use of an additional neutral wire connector. The roller shutter controller is managed from the Supla environment, where you can create your own schedules and control the degree of opening of the roller shutters on an ongoing basis. It works simultaneously with monostable or bistable control switches.

Product features

Compact housing (40 x 37.5 x 17 mm)
Built-in auto-calibration module
Additional neutral wire connector
2.4GHz WiFi radio communication
Cooperation with mono and bistable switches
The ability to create work schedules for roller shutters

Product data

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