Instructions for integrating Supla Cloud with Amazon Alexa voice assistant


Step 1

Install the “Amazon Alexa” application on your smartphone.



Step 2

Start the “Amazon Alexa” app and then click on “Devices” icon.

Step 3


Then click the “ENABLE SMART HOME SKILLS” button.

Step 4  

Click the magnifying glass icon, then search for a Skill called “Supla”.

Step 5  

Touch the “ENABLE To USE” button. At this point, the application will take you to the login page where you must enter the e-mail address consistent with the one entered when registering your account on

After entering the e-mail address, click on “Continue” button.

Step 6

Enter the password for your account, and then click on “Login” button.

Step 7

The next step contains information about the areas of the Supla Cloud account that Alexa wants to access. To continue, click “Grant access” button.

Step 8

Click on “Done” button and then the “DISCOVER DEVICES” button.

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